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Convenient Walk-in Clinic in Pickering

Getting sick or injured usually doesn’t happen at convenient times. Rather than waiting days for your doctor to have an opening in his schedule, you can visit Durham Drug Store for medical services. We have a walk-in clinic on-site where you can obtain medical consultations to renew prescriptions and receive primary medical care. If you’re feeling under the weather, woke up with pinkeye or think you have a sinus infection, our staff can perform an examination to determine what the problem is. And, as a general pharmacy, we’ll be able to fill any prescriptions necessary.


When you need medical assistance and don’t have time to wait, we will provide you with the information and care you deserve. Our walk-in clinic in Pickering is open during weekday business hours. You’re welcome to stop by to get common illnesses and minor injuries fixed up quickly.

Telemedicine Walk-in Clinic 


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